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How would you build the next multi billion $ unicorn?

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Designing a billion dollar business model

Not many investors, mentors, and accelerators can understand the platform business model. We are here to help startups build platforms and impact billions worldwide.

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Learn how ants can help you understand crowds behavior

“Do not make the mistake of building technology before building connections”

the program

A 12-week proprietary accelerator program designed to help multi sided platforms and marketplace to achieve a critical mass of users in record time.  Joining teams will be funded by top industry experts. We are platform business specialists and the program has four modules 

Startups have access to an ecosystem of mentors, consultants, growth hackers, developers, data scientists and investors with platform business model experience.


Module I Platform Value Proposition and Customer Development



Module II Platform Design Lab



Module III Platform Growth Lab



Bonus Module IV Platform Funding Lab


The program empowers entrepreneurs to impact and solve the problem of billions of people by teaching them how to build multi-sided platforms and marketplaces

Find out if you are building a true multi sided platform?

Everything that is not forbidden by laws of nature is achievable, given the right knowledge.

––David Deutsch

Meet our top mentors

There is no better time in history to be an entrepreneur. Technology is changing people’s behavior, and new habits are adopted very fast. However, artificial intelligence, the blockchain, machine learning, and many other buzz words, are not innovation by itself, they are merely tools used to solve real problems and act as a delivery channel for value. Startups use an agile problem-solving approach and small teams can learn fast and scale fast. They can address less profitable markets, improve technology rapidly and eventually challenge well-established players. has and accelerator program is connected to the most relevant trends and will reinvent the way humans interactions are enabled in the digital world.

Here are a few things you will find in the program

Team dynamics

The psychological and emotional factor that impact the team’s performance.

Just as undercurrents in the sea, which can drift boat’s course away from the desired destination, an inefficient team can ruin the execution of a good business idea. We will provide the tools and reflections to mitigate founders anxieties and increase team’s output.

Audience building through online traction

Number one cause of platform startups failure is lack os users or clients. MVPs fail when there is no traffic on it. Therefore one of our main pillars is to use our network of specialized consultants and experts do drive traffic and build an audience to the platforms being accelerated on the program. Audience building is the first function of a platform orchestrator

Matchmaking with data modeling

After attracting users to the platforms, the next important function of the managing team is to match consumers with producers and deliver value to both sides. This is done though the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models. Ever wondering why Youtube’s suggestions are always reasonable and interesting? Or why Netflix can predict what you like to watch? Without efficient matchmaking, marketplaces are not capable of delivering value to the users. 

The best accelerator program for multi-sided platforms


Programs will be hosted in Dubai – UAE. Teams must move to the country during the program. But we will help you, and it’s easier than you think.


Our partners have know-how and experience in the platform business, and we will help you become fundable and attractive to them.


We do not believe in complex hipotesys or business plans. To be successful you need to test and validate your assumptions. And we have the perfect lab for that.


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