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Our mentors are platform experts

To become a mentor you have to

  1. Apply for a quick online interview with the program manager
  2. Study the e-learning platform mentorship training provided for free (2 hours of online engaging and informative content)
  3. Pass a short online exam
  4. Request profile to be created on the marketplace
  5. Post your booking availability and begin mentoring startups online

How mentors can benefit from joining our programs?

  1. Learn about platforms. The most defensible and scalable business model in the digital era
  2. Learn the platform acceleration and incubation strategies used during our program. Based on practical tools and activities design to grow early-stage startups building platforms.
  3. Interact with real-world entrepreneurs building technology
  4. Understand new trends and technologies
  5. Learn how to calculate the valuation and growth potential of early-stage business without historical track records
  6. Have access to the incubator and the accelerators deal flow and become an early-stage startup investor
  7. Join our mastermind community and of platform experts 
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